5 cosmetics to help prepare the car for sale

5 cosmetics to help prepare the car for sale

Buyers often pay attention to the condition of the paint and interior of the car. The state of these elements can be attested to the owner’s approach to car care. Which cosmetics should be equipped to quickly and effectively prepare the car for sale?

The fact that the paint looks clean from a distance of one meter does not mean that it does not have any blemishes. Such as difficult to remove residues of asphalt, resin or tar. Remember that the buyer may want to evaluate the condition of the paint, looking at him closely.

So how to remove stubborn dirt, since washing with shampoo does not help? In this case, it will be necessary to use the clay. This cosmetic takes the form of a plastic mass that has abrasive properties, similarly to polishing paste, except that the clay serves only to collect dirt. Dirt remaining after washing with shampoo is removed from the surface of the paint and glued to the clay.

However, it is important to be careful when working with clay, as it is a cosmetic product that is aggressive to lacquer, which is based on its effectiveness. First spray the surface of the lacquer with a lubricant, eg quick detailer or water with detergent. Everything to reduce friction while cleaning the body. Basic models of clays will be bought in about 25 pounds, as is the case with ValetPRO or 3M brands.

Body shampoo removal often leaves streaks, and the lacquer does not make any difference with the original glow. If we do not have time for waxing or polishing, it is worth to use cosmetics called quick detailers. These are universal remedies, which at the same time gently clean the lacquer and gloss and protect it thanks to the content of polymers and waxes. Quick detailers are usually equipped with a sprayer and their application is simple and fast. In mining we will make the lacquer before the buyer’s arrival will shine with light and color depth. Among the recommended products are Shiny Garage Quick Detailer Morning Dew, which costs about 40 pounds for 500 ml. A cheaper alternative would be the Tenzi Car Shine costing 20 pounds for 1 l.

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Another element to which the buyer returns are the wheels, especially the aluminum ones. Their appearance demonstrates how the vehicle was operated. It is therefore good to invest in a means that will help restore their brilliance. It is used in cosmetics specialized in dealing with the removal of metal filings, rust or oil. After application, this type of color changes color, and their effect resembles the effect of “bleeding”, which indicates the reaction on the surface of the rim. When choosing, it is best to consider the ADBL Vampire Liquid costing about 40 pounds for 1 l. Meguiars Hot Rims All Wheel Tire Cleaner, for which a 710 ml package will pay us about 50 pounds.

Tinted lotion for tires

Cleaning the wheels, do not forget about the tires, especially since it is not difficult to restore their color. You can use the tire rinse aid, which also preserves the rubber, and what is important is not expensive. The “wet tire” effect is obtained by using K2 Bold in aerosol, which costs about 15 pounds. For about 25 pounds you can buy Sonax gel, which has good properties to protect the rubber against damage.

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