Apparatus for polishing a car – Car scratch removal

Apparatus for polishing a car – Car scratch removal

Beautiful, glossy paint car is the flagship of our car. It is like ironed shirt, in the pocket jackets, well-chosen tie. The ideal effect we can get through the arduous manual labor or support the mechanical devices. Car scratch removal will allow you to quickly remove scratches.

Paint the car destroyed every day. Harm him pollens from trees, more and more chemical rain, bird droppings and microtrauma from sand or gravel. Adds its sun from damaging UV rays. So how do you get rid of opacity and regain the glow of the new paint?

(27-02-2017) Do not worry about excess paint. It is removed – when will be fully cured – using sandpaper grit 2500, imposed on a wooden block. This is done on wet and with a great sense. Fixed place professional polishing paste. The best use of mechanical polishing. Polishes to dry, and when done wash paint.

First of all, should be well-washed a car. Many of us clean car pressure washers. It’s a good solution, but not ideal. It does not damage the paint, but it does not. Ideally use the classic set: two buckets, shampoo and sponge. Car scratch removal ideally will cover the surfaces on which they are scratches. One bucket pours hot water is metered car shampoo and sponge gently wash the car. The second bucket with clean water is used to rinse the sponge – even a single grain of sand under it can happily scratch the paint, creating interesting patterns on it. After such washing will see if he is really destroyed, and only requires waxing.

Waxing or polishing?

The use of car wax does not eliminate the scratches on the body, but not as his. It has a cover coat protective layer which will mask minor defects and will assume the additional risk. Action tentatively called the polisher has the failure to remove, wipe off. A bit like a gentle body scrub, paint peels used. Yes – it becomes thinner, but first, they are microns in thickness, and, secondly, this operation is performed rarely, if necessary. Car scratch removal will cover scratches caused by everyday use.

Another problem that we encounter, preparing the car for polishing, the hardness of the water. If the ratio is characterized by a hardness after drying will leave white marks. To avoid this, we can just pour a few drops of car shampoo or liquid soap. The more expensive they will be more advanced methods of water demineralization. An effective way to bleed the car wiping with a soft towel to dry. Car scratch removal fill cracks and renew your car’s paintwork.


Car scratch removal –

What do we need polishing?

First of all, polishing paste. Note also aura – it should not be too hot, this operation performs better in the shade. Thanks to this finish will be harder, will be less chance of damage to it. The paste can be applied by hand, of course, but it is a laborious task and long-lasting. Car scratch removal make sure your finish will be as good as new. Soft cloth distributes a small amount of paste until it ceases to be seen, which is somehow massaged into the paintwork. So we can handle the smallest scratches.

The solution is ideal mechanical polishing. We use two types of machines. The first is a grinder, but not too aggressive and, of course, with a corresponding cap. The basic condition is that the tool becomes not propel, the limit is 2000 rpm. Much better suited to the polishing machine, for example. Rotary polisher. It provides the appropriate speed (when they are too high, the paint may be destroyed, burn), otherwise, random hovering on the plastic parts do not leave them much trace. Car scratch removal will renew the paint of your car. The key issue during polishing is to maintain cleanliness. If between the polisher and the paint gets in eg. Sand, it will do more harm than good. Rotary polishers are already quite popular, cost-hundred and a hundred dollars. Included with the paste and other means, and so leaves a lot cheaper than polishing the car mechanics. And if at the same time fun!

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