Cracked rear window

Cracked rear window

Cracking the windows is a very unfortunate failure of the vehicle. Let us remember that if it is damaged, you can not delay the replacement. How to deal with rear window damage?

Let’s check the size of the damage

In the case of a rear window failure, we begin with a thorough examination of how extensive the damage is. If the damage is most likely caused by a stone hit from the road, we may try to repair it. But before we go to a workshop doing this type of service, let’s see if our glass has a heating function. Unfortunately, in most cases, the heated glass is not suitable for repair, and therefore it is necessary to replace it.

When damage to the glass is small, we will provide protection against dirt. The easiest way would be to stick adhesive tape in place of damage. Then find a suitable repair shop for damaged glass. If the repair is possible, it will consist of piercing the damaged area and filling the resulting hole with a special means. It is important that you try to repair it first and foremost with a suitable distance from the extreme points on the windshield and as soon as possible to repair it.

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Insurance on windows

More and more insurance insurers for a small amount of money offer their customer’s insurance coverage. This is a very good solution, worth the interest. If our windows are insured, we should contact the insurer as soon as possible after seeing the damage on the glass to report a fault. The valuer will charge the repair cost and will direct us to the appropriate place where the glass replacement will be made. In the case of the Premium brand, the replacement of the damaged window glass does not cover replacement of the damaged glass, but instead of replacing the damaged glass. At that time, we do not have anything else to accept such a solution or replacement of the damaged glass at its own expense.

New or used?

If we do not have insured windows and the possibility of repairing the damaged rear window, we still have one essential question: is the window that we want to mount in our vehicle must be new? Yes, Internet auctions will find a lot of used glass, but I do not recommend this solution. First and foremost, we will not be able to assess the technical condition of the windshield we purchase or participate in a road accident. The best solution is to purchase a new window with the assembly service. Why?

Self-assembly of the car window is very difficult and often discouraged. Windshields in the vehicle are the elements that shield the interior of the cab from the surroundings. When choosing a car rear window, let’s try to choose products from reputable companies such as Nordglass, Guardian, Pilkington, Sekurit. In addition, be sure to pay attention to whether the damaged windscreen is heated. If so, choose one that is also equipped with this feature.

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