Frequent washing the car destroys the paint?

Frequent washing the car destroys the paint?

Painting a single element of your vehicle will cost at least several hundred dollars. Is frequent washing may damage the lacquer coating?

Shiny paint – pride

(27-02-2017) Pastes and polishing agents – for example milk to remove scratches and matting paint, is a modern and specialization of products, the use of which is based on polishing the damaged fragments of paint.

Each driver will sign with both hands against a finding that the car looks much better if it is well washed, his coat glistening in the sun. This gold and the undeniable principle that works in absolutely all vehicle models. However, in order to bring such a situation, sometimes you have to make a lot of trouble. Care of the car consists of many steps – washing, cleaning, polishing. The very first step of the above can cause a lot of trouble. How to wash, so as not to damage the paint? What means used to wash the body? How often do you wash your car? And above all – the frequent washing destroys the coating of paint car? Opinions are divided, and the final answer depends on many factors.

The optimal frequency of washing the car

Basically speaking, the answer is much simpler than you might think. Well, the car should be washed when it needs it or is dirty. While general recommendations say, according to experts, with a frequency of once every two weeks to once every four weeks.

More problems have arisen in washing the car in the winter. Then the temperature drops below zero so that water can freeze on the body. Added to this is the tragic effects of salt and slush from under the tire.

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