Gift for the driver – car multimedia and paint for cars

Gift for the driver – car multimedia and paint for cars

Do you want to make a nice gift motorized person? Well, new tires do not you buy a set of the wiper is a very romantic gift. Reach for car multimedia – the choice is considerable. I do not spend a fortune. Paint for cars this is one of the best gifts for your car.

With the gift, it is always the problem that you have to hit not only in taste but also the needs of the recipient’s. For this reason, the “jerk” at quite an expensive gift,   Radio or audio system, does make sense.

(27-02-2017) Currently on the market, many companies specializing in the selection of appropriate color, based on the painted element of the car. Then all we have to clean and fill the cavity, and after drying – polishing. Major damage to the paintwork, which include a large area of the body, and its depth reaches sheet body should be left to specialists.

Match of the donee

This type of equipment should be chosen according to the parameters of other devices in the car. So I would advise you to consult the issue with the person giving away, or throw off a few people. Surprises will not, but will avoid a disappointment when it turns out that something does not fit, and a bullet hit the fence. Thought out and planned gift can be a cool radio, car amplifier kit or speakers. It’s all but selected according to the parameters, so obviously better to find out whether it will be a good solution. If the radio is in total easiest – so if we think it will be a good gift, let’s find the equipment equipped with modern features. Paint for cars It will allow you to make a gift in the form of a magnificent paint. First of all, the ability to play MP3 files from the disc, the entrance to the memory stick or Bluetooth, enabling wireless connection to your phone and listen to it to music or conversations without taking your hands off the steering wheel. This type of appliances you can buy for 200-300  pounds – and we are talking about good brands, like Sony, Kenwood, and Blaupunkt. We can also tug on a modern multimedia panel with touch screen and under the control of Android. It cost at least several hundred to a thousand, but it may reach two to three thousand.

small Media

It is much easier to choose the smaller car multimedia. Paint for cars ensure the renewal of your paint. Many people ride cars with old radios to which it is impossible to connect the phone or USB flash drive with music. If the radio is on tape – and it’s really still happening! – A great solution would be to buy an adapter driver-cassette. It costs a few dozen dollars and allows you to connect your phone with music to “old-fashioned” radio. Another nice option is the FM transmitter. This device, which is put into the cigarette lighter socket or connect it directly to the headphone jack on the phone. The transmitter is a miniature radio transmitter, simply pair it with a radio and you can enjoy your own music in the car. This is a great solution for people whose stereos do not support MP3 files and you can not connect to them other equipment. Expense? From 20 to over 100  pounds for models equipped with Bluetooth (ie for the possibility of a wireless phone connection).

Are examples of automotive media that directly serve the driver. A good idea can also buy   A portable DVD player, which is mounted on the headrest and serves passengers rear seats. In our conditions, this means generally bleed fairy tales for children. It should also be noted that the role of portable players plays more and more tablets, which are more versatile and easier to use. Paint for cars it makes your car will look like new.

Interestingly, the multimedia equipment can now include GPS navigation. Some of them are equipped with the option to play music and even movies. They serve as a photo browser and connect to the phone via Bluetooth. I must admit that the media can combine a great test especially in the car not equipped with a universal audio.

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