How to choose a mechanic? What to look for?

How to choose a mechanic? What to look for?

Choosing a mechanic is not the easiest way because there are many workshops offering similar services. How to choose a mechanic so that the quality of the service is maintained during the service process?

Basic workshop verification

Of course, the easiest way is to use an authorized service. Unfortunately, the prices on the site are not the lowest, and the quality of service rendered sometimes leaves much to be desired. If you have a new vehicle, the Authorized Service Visit is most appropriate, but when you have an older car – you will not pay. Find the right mechanic to start with asking your peers. After all, a person with a car needs to be serviced somewhere.

Once we get the information, we can proceed to verify. Let’s look at the legal status of the mechanic – is the company registered? The next step will be to find out about mechanics on the internet. Popular and recommended places are online forums, where in most cases we will find honest opinions about a given mechanic. Of course, many of them should be treated with a grain of salt. If we do not want to use the feedback of our friends, we still have an online search and a similar review process.

Let’s have a look

When we find a mechanic who is interested in our offer, first let’s make a basic review of the car. It is during the inspection that the mechanic really has a “field to show”, that is, to check what is really in the car is not working. In the case of Premium brand vehicles, let’s try to choose the mechanics that specialize in the brand. Why? Because the person in a much shorter time is able to diagnose and solve the problem in the vehicle so that the repair will be much cheaper.

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In addition, let’s take a look at whether a car specialist interviews with us will ask us what does not work, which raises our doubts, etc. If after the interview we receive a printed confirmation of acceptance of the car, it will prove the professionalism of the workshop.

What else to pay attention to?

The basic element of the professionalism of the workshop is the order in the factory. If the workshop tools are in place (in the toolbox, not on the floor) and the engine oil does not occupy most of the floor, it is likely that our vehicle is in proper hands. Also, check that the workshop is equipped with a column elevator. In some cases, its use significantly shortens service time and thus reduces costs. In addition, let’s ask if the workshop has computer diagnostic equipment. Most vehicles on our roads are equipped with a lot of electronics, which can only be diagnosed using a suitable diagnostic computer.

Finally, let’s ask if a mechanic has access to spare parts and whether it is possible to deliver parts – in many cases, it is more cost-effective to purchase parts, for example, over the internet than with a mechanic. Moreover, they often use oil from barrels – oil is cheaper, but not the highest quality.

Finding the right mechanic is not the easiest way, so look for a good specialist, take some time to thoroughly check it.

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