How to remove rust from the body?

How to remove rust from the body?

Rust, ironically called “ore“, is the bane of many car owners. And it’s not just old – many motorists notes that cars are becoming less protected against corrosion. What can we do about it?

(27-02-2017) Nowadays scratches on the paint, unfortunately, are not uncommon. Narrow parking, great cars and severity of negligence or even malice other drivers are common causes of a growing number of flaws in the paint. People who do not care about their own car, do not also take care of these parked around them.

Rust usually occurs in areas exposed to damage. Just scratch the paint that oxygen began their destructive action. The easiest way to damage the coating on the wheel arches, fenders and sills. Blame are gravel, sand, and pebbles from the pop-up wheel and damage, eg. In the parking lot. The easiest way to secure the edges of the wheel arches. The sale is a lot of plastic overlays that you can easily install yourself, without drilling holes in the bodywork. Overlays fender are sometimes called “sickle”. But keep in mind that they should be mounted on the surface, which does not rust crunches. Masking can only make things worse, they will grow in confidence until you fall off together with the overlay. Rust can quickly spread, infecting another body centimeters.

Provisional cheerful solution to rust or damage to your vehicle may be a sticker stylized sticking plaster. Of course not fix the car, but will help protect the surface of the repair time. Just remember that it eventually carried out.

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