How to take care of chrome parts?

How to take care of chrome parts?

The so-called lame, which is covered with a layer of metal body parts are considered not only nice and exclusive but also extremely durable. Nothing could be further from the truth – about our lame we must take care of the skin. Both can be ugly old.

Chromium is basically a common name for several layers of metal on which the symbol of element Cr is only a glossy coating microscopic thickness. The basis is, of course, steel, which is carried out body parts. The more equal and precisely polished, the better. On it, several layers of copper. A few, because it helps level the surface while ensuring that the protection against corrosion. Next in order is nickel. That shiny metal also protects against corrosion and constituting a base for chromium. Nickel layer has a thickness up to 50 micrometers. Only at the end surface of the electroplating chromium and the coating is only 5 to 10 microns thick. Not much, right?

(27-02-2017) Deeper scratches, dents and especially, are virtually impossible to remove in the garage conditions. Of course, manufacturers of cosmetic argue that their product is in this respect absolutely unique, but there is no what to believe. The role of this type of cosmetics is not a remove, but masking damage.

By the way, it should be noted that any surface imperfections of the original negative effect on the result – simply highlight. Damage to the chrome coating is an excellent medium for corrosion. Located in chromium nickel quite easily oxidizes and turns gray. In places, pits appear faded dots so that the time increase its surface area.

In addition, some of these metal layers by definition have microcracks which the wet water permeable. It may happen that a few tiny defects will not be from the top looked bad, but the plate underneath will have the texture and strength of Rochefort cheese.

Repair chrome-plated surfaces are really difficult, time consuming and expensive. If the so-called. workshop have antique auto restoration chrome can consume a significant portion of the budget. In addition, it is worth to rely on a professional factory, which can and will be much more expensive than a craftsman with a bathtub in the basement, but it can guarantee the quality.

How to take care of lame?

First – often wash. Thanks to removing dirt that unaccompanied like in metal and munch deeper and deeper. If not long ago we moved our CHROME, we can use special measures to clean them.

What’s next? The ideal solution is applying a paste to chromium. It has a slightly abrasive properties – enough to remove dirt and restore surface gloss, but not enough to wipe the skin with a pumice heel. Good measures provide both shine and corrosion protection. While chrome polishing paste is careful that the cloth does not get sand, for example. Of course the best-suited microfiber cloth. Cheap and effective.

If we distrust paste or just do not see the need for its use, let’s get the milk for chromium. Since the paste is a different lack of abrasive, but equally clean and perfectly protects the metal layer. Reach for measures of good manufacturers, such as Turtle Wax, World. This of course only some companies worth recommending, is also a budget, yet decent K2.

So protected and cared lame have a chance to enjoy our – and pedestrians – the eye for a long time. However, in the case of damage as soon as possible visit the establishment, for the plating, lacquers or so. detailing. Not worth the wait, because it will mean higher repair costs. Sometimes it is better to even buy new parts, than the renovation of the old.

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