Oils for transmission to a very severe winter

Oils for transmission to a very severe winter

If you do not replace oil in the gearbox, this … replace the gearbox – is an old truth. The period before the winter is a good time to change that spreads. And what to do if they are announced very low temperatures?

The most important thing you need to know about the gear oil in the gearbox is that – contrary to rumors – wear out and need to replace it. We recommend that you read the instruction manual of the vehicle and make recommendations to the manufacturer. Tips for changing the oil in the gearbox are sometimes hard to find. A rule of thumb is that for the first time should take place after the course of 60 000 to 100 000 km. The next should be done after 30 000-40 000 km.

(27-02-2017) Each car during operation is destroyed. This includes paint finish, which is exposed to damage from many causes – actions ubiquitous in the way grains of sand, wiping or washing the car the wrong equipment, weather conditions or acts of vandalism. Some of the damage is so severe that it is impossible to avoid visits to the painter, but most can easily remove themselves.

What threatens no oil change

Just malfunction. It starts very gently. Sometimes it’s difficult to throw a gear rack puts a slight resistance, chest comes hard and noise. These symptoms worsen in the winter, all the oil is no specific viscosity. It falls at low temperatures and manifested itself early problems inserting gear. This is a sign of the fact that the oil just starts to lose its properties. Then it works less well at low temperatures, but at higher (too rare). We should also know that heats up to a hundred degrees Celsius. Elements of transmission work under considerable load and if you are not properly lubricated, wear out at an accelerated pace. Gear oil not only lubricates the chest, also contains a lot of additives: anti-corrosion, anti-foaming up, antioxidant and water-binding agent.

Poorly lubricated components rapidly deteriorating state of the gearbox – are beginning to circulate in the metal filings, quickly honed mechanisms. In most cases, changing the oil in the box are best left to the technician – have the right equipment, he will know how to do this quickly and efficiently, and what to do with overworked oil.

What oil to choose

Generally, the manual transmissions using oils grades of API GL-4 and GL-5. In automatic – oil type ATF. Not worth choosing mineral oils, synthetic because long since exceeded mineral counterparts in every respect. API classification is supplemented by the standard J306. Determines the viscosity of the oil depending on the temperature. It is marked with letters and numbers SAE – from 70 to 250. Note: The transmission fluid exchange always as it is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or the same box. It must fulfill certain tasks and have certain parameters. And let’s be honest: outdoor temperatures here are not of great significance. Even the very harsh winter should not lead to the selection of oil with a higher viscosity at low temperatures. The oil has to work in all conditions, will still circulate in the gearbox also spring and summer. If you want to make sure that this element will not cause us any problems during cold weather, just Say we wanted an oil change before winter. That’s enough.

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