Polishing of lacquer. Where to start?

Polishing of lacquer. Where to start?

Polishing of lacquer is an activity that can completely change the face of our vehicle. Why? Because it will remove many scratches and will restore the former glow.

Where to start?

Many people want to polish the lacquer by themselves. And there is no wonder, however, that it is important to realize that self-polishing of lacquer does not have the same effect as professional treatments. Moreover, I advise against polishing the paint using a polishing machine by people who have never dealt with it before. I would advise you to start with a manual polishing.

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Before starting work you must prepare the necessary equipment. The basic tool will be polishing paste. The most popular choice for people starting a car polishing adventure is TEMPO, Autosol. In addition, a suitable cloth should be prepared which will be used to apply the paste and the second one which will be used to polish the paint. Before proceeding to work we thoroughly wash the car and then dry it. Polishing on a wet lacquer does not bring any good – the paste will slip and achieving a satisfactory effect is practically impossible.

If the car has been washed and properly dried, we can proceed to prepare the surface, which in this case is limited to the protection of a paint tape surface, which we do not want to polish. Special attention is given to chrome-plated components and vehicle lamps. Once the surface has been prepared, we can apply the polishing paste. The best solution is to apply a thin layer and then wait a few minutes for the paste to dry. The moment of drying it is very easy to notice because the dry paste changes color and becomes brighter.

If the paste is dry, use a second cloth to wipe it off. Let’s do spherical movements – using others will not produce the desired effect. Once the paste is applied, we can evaluate the effect. If after hand-polishing, fine scratches have disappeared from the paint surface, we can proceed to polish the remaining part of the car. If the result is not satisfactory, the process can be repeated. Remember that repeating the process more than three times does not make much sense because the defect of the paint in the form of a scratch is so deep that polishing is not capable of removing it. In that case, visit a painter.

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