Polishing sponges and polishes

Polishing sponges and polishes

Polishing lacquer is not the easiest thing we can do in the car. However, if you decide to self-polishing the car, you need to prepare for it. First of all, choose the right polishing sponges and polishes.


Polishing aggressive


The aggressive polishing sponge is definitely harder than others. Unfortunately, its life span is considerably less than that of a delicate sponge. The aggressive polishing sponge is used in the first stage of polishing, which makes it harder to work, and even worse, a lighter finish than a delicate sponge.



A delicate polishing sponge is also called a finishing sponge. Remember to pay attention to its technical condition, as it will be responsible for the final result of our work. It is worth emphasizing that the damaged sponge can help to create a paint finish. holograms.


The gentle polishing paste is really a finishing paste, providing ultimate gloss. For delicate polishing pastes, we can also include those with a sign of 2,500 with moderate abrasion, so that the paste eliminates defects in the form of medium scratches.


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