Protection paints car – Paint chip repair

Protection paints car – Paint chip repair

To paint car was as well-not just this summer, you need to properly take care of him. What can I do to minimize the negative effects of sunlight and other factors?

Shiny lacquer pleases the eye

Each driver takes care of your car to the extent that is possible. Extremely important is the technical condition of the vehicle, which directly determines the ride comfort. Highly evaluated the aesthetics of the car, a key element in this regard is the body. Its appearance is of particular importance especially in summer when the extended day and the sun’s rays illuminate the perfectly exactly the car.

(27-02-2017) The process of polishing using these specifics is obviously not as advanced as in the case of renovations in the bodyshop, but gives us the opportunity to effectively eliminate small bruises, abrasions, scratches or matting of the paint finish our vehicle.

Concern for the paint car will allow you to keep it in excellent condition even after many years so that your car will be distinguished on the road. Vivid and vibrant color without matting and break please the eye, presenting a perfectly straight. Learn how to achieve such an effect in the summer!

First of all – the appropriate body wash

Perhaps you will be a cliché, but the first step to protecting the paint is simply washing the car. Ideally, it should be done every 2-3 weeks during the summer to his film did not cover too large a layer of various types of pollution. Fortunately, that they are not as annoying as in the winter, when salt Loose on the road eats into the paint, making it serious damage.

If possible, try to avoid touchless car wash. Firstly, they are not very accurate and often leave marks on the body dirt or smudges. But what is far worse, high-pressure water and a hard brush formed on the coating of lacquer and micro-scratches. Initially, they will not be visible, but after a few sessions certainly will notice them, especially in full sun.

Much safer to wash your car by hand, using a soft brush or cloth. Be sure to use at the same time with preparations for washing the body that support the protection of paint. During the summer it is exposed primarily to strong sunlight, which over the past few seasons appoint tarnish and fade the top layer.

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