Replacing the seats in the car

Replacing the seats in the car

With the passage of time and kilometers of individual vehicle components to consume. What to do if the seats are not the first freshness, and their recovery simply is not profitable?

Well let’s check seats

Before we decide what to do with armchairs, just let’s check their condition. In many cases mounted seats are simply neglected, so you will not need to replace them, only the appropriate cosmetics. If you are sure that the best solution would be to replace them, to make sure that we are able to do it alone.

Replacement is simple

Seat replacement operation is relatively simple. Just unscrew a few screws, remove the old armchair, and then install a new one. But remember that before starting work, check whether we have all the necessary tools. In the case of electrically operated seats take a look at the wiring diagram electrical chair to beam car to avoid unnecessary problems and, above all, to know the location of the cube. Let us not forget that the exchange of seats also requires additional information and activities.

First we need to find the right seats, to replace current. Before starting the search for the best take a picture of the current seats in order to have a comparison. In many cases, the model of vehicle experienced a variety of materials and designs of the seats. If you found a seat with the same upholstery as the other, make sure that it is intended for release. Let us not forget that the differences are considerable. Before the final decision should ask the seller about the condition of the seat: there are no defects, the interior is intact.

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