The best agents for plastics in the car

The best agents for plastics in the car

In the case of cars, you can forgive the somewhat dusty body, but the mess in the middle of a deterrent to getting on to it. Today we suggest how to take care of plastic components, both inside and outside the car.

Plastic exterior

The first phase of cleaning external plastic is simply washing the car. Just in case they do not need to be especially delicate sponge can be harder to press. Plastics are not smooth as lacquer, are the rough surface. It them effectively. They must be thoroughly rinsed and be careful not to smear the wax paint. Sometimes you do not leave a trace, but often cover a removable hard plastic, not very aesthetic layer. Wax is – as the name suggests – to paint. Maintenance plastics are suitable for entirely different means. These elements must also be especially careful when polishing because the paste can leave ugly marks on the plastic and polishing machine – even uglier.

(27-02-2017) So if we want really good, and above all permanent effect, we will be forced to use the services of a company specializing in cosmetics car, specifically in the removal of fig. Such points have a whole arsenal of professional chemicals and high-end machines, polishing, so that can guarantee removing even the nasty Fig.

This works both ways – agents for plastics are not very good to paint. Which to choose? First of all, any measure which in the name of “cleaning plastics external” will be better than shoe polish or liquid to furniture – and things like that happen to our compatriots apply. Good, reasonably priced liquids produce K2, they are valued Sonax, Maguire’s World. Personally, I think it’s better to choose a liquid spray pump spray or gel – easier to put it on a cloth, then plastic. This is a more precise dosing, nothing flows and does not cover the surrounding area. Constituents of plastic covered with a protective layer, so it looks nice and slowly fades.

While cleaning can amaze us the number of plastic parts that are out of our cars: spoilers elements mirrors, bumpers and so on. If you noticed that one of them began to fade, we can treat blacks for plastics. He should restore natural color and protect longer.

We clean the interior

Interior plastics are much more difficult. Assuming that their maintenance is part of a broader action cleaning, leave them at the end. First neatly the whole car to the dust was not bothered at work. The second in order of activity should be … washing windows. This is not a joke – dirty windows in the car also from the inside, collecting a variety of fumes, dust, etc. Glass cleaner is applied by spraying, and a horse with a range of whoever does not while plastics. Therefore, we leave them at the end.

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