The first frosts – change year habit and car scratch removal

The first frosts – change year habit and car scratch removal

The advent of frost is an imminent harbinger of winter and snow. But now it is worth to change the habits acquired while traveling by car in the summer. Car scratch removal removes scratches from your paint.

Changing the conditions on the road

(27-02-2017) A larger problem is more profound damage, resulting for example. Due to falling rocks. Where the outer shell from the body is shown backing layer, it will be necessary to use a coloring pencils or lacquer. The first output is not recommendable. The effect of such a repair is short-lived, and selecting the appropriate color is almost impossible, unlike in the case of lacquer.

The turn of autumn and winter is a very difficult time for each driver. On the one hand, the conditions for driving are not as good as in the summer, on the other – but the journey does not raise this respect, as is the harsh winter. An additional danger to the leading vehicle is the usual bad weather, which makes it difficult to perform many maneuvers. At and after the first frost much easier to skid and lose control when cornering. Car scratch removal It makes the car will look like new. And these are only some of the problems you will face when traveling in this difficult period. Learn what you need to watch and which habits should be changed as soon as possible, in the safest possible way to drive a car.

First of all – change tires

In fact, change tires ought to be done before the first frost, but if you still have not done – do not wait any longer, it is the best time to avoid long queues to the vulcanizer. Car scratch removal make scratches from your car disappear. Winter tires better keep track of the vehicle not only on snow and ice but also after rain or during de-icing. It is also worth noting that there are much more effective than all-season tires. Before you start cycling after changing tires, check the air pressure. It should be consistent with the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the car.

Slow down, slow down, and once again release

The basic principle driving late autumn is an unsupported excessive speed. Keep in mind that during this period is considerably reduced visibility – dusk falls earlier, often it rains, there is fog on the streets full of leaves and mud. For this reason, you can not always be sure the surface on which you move. Even driving on winter tires, to avoid losing traction, you should not move too quickly. In this way, you risk falling into a skid, which threatens bullet or even a serious accident. Car scratch removal save your coat in the car.

Cornering and braking

Both maneuvers should be done with more caution than before. Going into a turn, take into account how much is sharp, and the angle of the surface. These elements can have a big impact on how smoothly and safely defeat him. Remember that when entering a curve, do not make sudden steering movements, nor does it operate over the gas pedal or brake. This will prevent unexpected loss of grip. In general, it is worth paying attention to the same braking. It is best to destroy speed before the turn, for example. Inhibiting engine. Avoid, however, a sudden deceleration while driving past the arc. The same principle should be used if you need to slow down when driving at high speed. Too violent destroy it may result in loss of vehicle control.

Turn on and turn off the lights

Be sure to drive with lights matched to the conditions. Always have daytime running lights, and if the visibility is not very good, you can run additional lighting. But do not forget about bans on the use of high beam. Ensure a proper set of lights – it is particularly important that the stream was not aimed too high. In this case, you light the oncoming traffic, which creates a dangerous situation on the road. Very important (especially for older cars) is also turning off the lights. Leaving them for a long time at low speed and then switching off the engine that makes the battery has little ability to load, which sometimes results in difficulties with starting the vehicle the next day. In general, it is recommended that just before switching off the engine, turn off all unnecessary systems consume electricity, such as vents, air conditioning, radio or light. This enhances the operation of the battery and allows for energy savings. F Car scratch removal It will allow for the renewal of the paint in the car. or those already somewhat older vehicles also it eliminates the potential difficulties of firing the car the next day. And yet you do not want to have problems with the punctual getting to work or drop off children to school or kindergarten.

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