Tires – what new manufacturers offer?

Tires – what new manufacturers offer?

Despite the high price of this type of tires is becoming increasingly popular. And importantly, it is not laden with the majority of flaws that discourage potential users to purchase them. What has been improved for them?

Run-flat tires have been available for a long time. The most popular solution was offered in 1987 by Bridgestone. Many times they have experimented with similar systems, but it turned out that the best way to do is to harden and strengthen the side walls of the tire. Thanks to this, it is possible to continue driving, although generally – as the manufacturers suggest – at a slower speed (up to 80 km / h) and without the madness. During the tests, however, it turned out that high-end tires allow for fast riding and despite the lack of air, they remain stable even in sharp turns. A serious problem is that when you are driving without air, you quickly destroy it. The most common limit is 80 km, after passing such a section the tire is suitable for throwing.

The biggest disadvantage of run-flat tires is their stiffness, and consequently – significantly reduced ride comfort both during normal travel and when the tire is pierced.

Different names from different manufacturers

In the case of the tire company of the Goodyear and Dunlop tires, the ride-through system is called RunOnFlat. It is used in sports tire models, costing about 3000 pounds per set.

Pirelli’s Pirelli Pirelli tires are called Self-Supporting Run Flat, while Michelin tires are called Zero Pressure. However, they have to admit that their prices far exceed the notion of “budget”.

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