We pick the car tires to the holes in the road

We pick the car tires to the holes in the road

UK roads were never high quality. Both in cities and beyond, we can hit sections full of holes, bumps that destroy the suspension of our cars, wheels, and tires. How to choose the right tire for them?

Of course, the condition of Polish roads from year to year is improving. We have more and more new roads, more and more old is being repaired. Yes, it can be noted, but unfortunately not to miss are full of hole streets in smaller or larger cities. You can not miss the bumps on both national and local roads. Interestingly, there is no rule here – holes are big streets in big cities, but also tiny places. Coming through Uk, you can come across a section remembering the days of Gierek and to break the suspension of it.

Low profile tires

Tires play a big role in taking on the blows of road inequality. Many drivers try to distinguish their cars from the crowd by wearing them with a much lower profile than the standard ones. Well, using a feminine example: sometimes it’s like walking on stilts on the cobblestone. So if we live in a well-tended city, with streets just like a table, and in addition, we rarely move beyond it, we can quietly experiment with low profile tires. In other cases (in most cases) it is not worth playing in reducing the profile, lowering the car and risking failure.

Why use tires with the reduced profile? Well, under normal circumstances, it’s mostly about aesthetic considerations. Admittedly, the wheel consisting of a large rim and narrow tire looks very nice. In addition, the lower profile of the tire provides better grip in extreme conditions – mainly for lateral grip. The downside is the very low comfort of the “flat” rubber.

High profile tires

High profile tires provide great ride comfort. They are very efficient in capturing all the inequalities, but they do not hold up well on the bends. It is not accidental that they are used in off-road vehicles, where speed is not the issue, but rather the efficiency of overcoming obstacles.

What can we do when we drive on “flat” tires? The smaller the tire profile, the more rigid it is. When riding on flat roads like a table it does not matter much. But hit the punch or hit the hole, causing the impact to move over the entire suspension. We can damage the swingarm or the shock absorber, the rod ends wear faster. Rupture of the tire itself easily hurt the rim. In addition, the tire breaks most often from the side, so its repair becomes practically impossible. Ergo – we have to buy at least two new ones to have the same axle.

Most cars in Uk should stay quietly on such tires, on which the car left the factory. It does not make sense to lower the tire profile if we are not big fans of this solution. Also, remember that this is an expensive solution because the use of a lower profile tire is only possible on wheels with a larger diameter.

Tires with reinforced construction

We have one more option – we can apply tires with “normal” profile and reinforced construction. We will recognize them as XL (Extra Load) or Reinforced (Reinforced). The advantage is the increased damage tolerance that can result when entering a hole. They have a reinforced forehead, and this also means higher durability. By the way, they also have better lateral support than standard rubber.

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