What to do to the battery does not freeze?

What to do to the battery does not freeze?

Every winter, many drivers have big problems with the batteries, which in the cold refuse to obey and do not want to even turn off the engine. Often the only option is to buy a new battery, but a large part of the problems we can protect ourselves.

From buying new is not a joke – each product has a life cycle, including the battery. No matter how much we care about him, cherish and recharges, after several years of stop unusable. This is the inexorable law of nature and, therefore, our cars are less and less old batteries that require maintenance.


So if you have a car battery the old type, which alone have to unscrew the lid and pour distilled water (demineralized), is primarily take care of the appropriate level in the battery. If the batteries do not see any marks, remember that water has completely covered the plate, with a supply of about 5 mm. We can do when it comes to the battery of the old type. This will work better, but it goes dead after some time his electric spirit and we are left with nothing but buying a new, maintenance-free. And then we just take care of it, that was properly charged.

Best for the car – and thus the battery – if the vehicle is garaged. Even a common underground garages are good for cars – is always have at least a few degrees more than the outside. A temperature is of utmost importance to maintain the battery in good condition. If the efficiency at 25 degrees Celsius is 100 percent, it falls at zero to 80 percent, and at -25 degrees – 60 percent. And let’s be honest: rarely that the battery is fully charged and not even with a slight cold may find that trying to start the engine battery that has so much power as two fingers on the remote control to the TV. Ergo – the warmer it is the battery, the better for him. At a time when on the road dominated by the little ones and big Fiats, you could see people who during the night frosts the battery from the car and carried him home to have heat.

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