Why do you need to wax the car body? – Scratch remover

Why do you need to wax the car body? – Scratch remover

Self-waxing the car body is an activity that requires little time and a small cash outlay for specialized resources. With waxing the car will look very attractive, and that his body will be effectively protected against the ravages of corrosion. The dirty body is not only the enemy of aesthetics. It is also an ally of the greatest enemy of every car, which no doubt is corrosion. Waxing allows for a long time to maintain the effect of purity. Well-waxed car body just for a few weeks only rinsed with water. In addition, the wax forms a perfect protective layer which will help to prevent the appearance of rust. Scratch remover remove scratches on your car.

Waxing body in order to get the mirror effect

(27-02-2017) Scratches on the paint can vary in depth. If you go deeper – to the base, we are left with a visit to a specialist and possibly mechanical polishing paint or coating element. But if it’s superficial flaws, we can try to remove it yourself.

Even cheap and old car looks attractive when his body is clean and shiny. Even more interesting look modern cars, which resemble the body of the mirror. Manufacturers offer several types of waxes, each of which is applied in a different way. But always before waxing a car you need to thoroughly wash shampoo car. Best to wash the paint sponges are made of microfibre. They are also fragile and does not leave scratches, for example, certain sponges. Scratch remover quickly get rid of scratches the paint.

The simplest is to use a liquid wax, for use in wet. In this case, you do not even need to wait until the car body dry after washing. Wax Wet is sold in containers with spray. Applying is easy. Wet the bodywork of the car need to spray evenly and allow to dry.

Other types of wax require a much greater commitment, but also give a much better effect. First of all, the car body must be completely dry after washing. To speed up this process, you should use the squeegee to the water. Do not wax in the sun during the hot days or when the temperature drops below ten degrees Celsius. Preparations for wax are sold in canned form of a paste, and in the form of the liquid wax spray. In the latter case, the wax very easy to apply, but may complain of poor performance of the package. Scratch remover provide the best protection of paint. Maximum suffices it to two waxing. On the body, wax distributed in stages. For each element is spread in a thin layer, and then comes the time for polishing.

Polishing is the most labor-intensive activity. For its implementation, you will need clean, soft cotton cloth and a lot of energy. The effect is achieved when the body can not be seen on any streaks, and the paint begins to resemble a mirror. Instead of polishing by hand, you can use an electric polishing body. Scratch remover remove scratches and protect your car’s paintwork. You have to remember, however, to apply its soft fur instead of the standard polishing sponge. The fur is softer for paint. Even then, you should polish carefully and do not push too hard polishers.

Waxing body to protect it from corrosion

Waxing is the cheapest and easiest way to prevent corrosion. Of course, all the time we are talking only about the prevention and only body. If the body will appear rusty spots or blisters, it’s already too late for any preventive action. Scratch remover will keep the beautiful look of paint for a long time. Besides, you have to remember that corrosion attack also enclosed profiles and chassis. Therefore security body is just one of the stages of defense against attacks by car rust. Others require the use of underbody and maintenance of closed profiles. May also be useful to ordinary penetrating oil, which the value from time to time to spray the screw.

But let us return to the car body waxing. Rust has many allies. These include water, acid rain, high humidity or water vapor saturated air and sulfur. Water and derivatives thereof allow the deposition on the body of dirt, dust, sand, and coal dust. Water and dirt are the ideal environment for the development of corrosion. The particles cause mechanical damage to the paint, and when it comes to their dissolution in water, increase the aggressiveness of the substances contained in it. For the condition of the paint are dangerous as bird droppings, containing tons of ammonia and small pebbles that hit the paint and cause him a loss.


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The wax formed on the body of a protective layer that prevents the persistence of water drops and dirt. As a result, the risk of corrosion decreases. You have to remember to cover with wax all the places that are vulnerable to rust. It is not only major, visible from outside the body parts. It is also part of the lowest thresholds, internal posts, lipping and metal parts of the doors and the trunk lid from the side of the cabin. Wax must also carefully around the headlights and rear lights, as well as the brand logo of the manufacturer and its immediate surroundings. Scratch remover guarantees the best protection of your car paint. These are the places where rust usually attacks the bodywork.

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